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Beatles Unlimited 1-2-3-4 Reviews

1964…The Tribute - All You Need...Is Live 2CD
(USA) Roy Davies Music 01-1964 (2000)
CD1: 13 tracks / 35:21 / 8-page fold-out booklet
CD2: 15 tracks / 46:46 / 8-page fold-out booklet

When I was surfing the Internet, I arrived on 1964…The Tribute’s site and saw their repertoire, released over a period of two years. On their live double album, this band, acclaimed nr. 1 Beatles tribute in the world, sets of with the early Beatles songs, which pass by easily as a greatest hits medley, all done in a pretty close to sound-alike style with accompanying screams from fans, who also take care of the hand clapping in Eight Days A Week and sing along when asked to do so. The repertoire is mainly pre-Pepper stuff, including a few non-Beatles tracks. The lead vocals in some of the songs betray you’re listening to a cover band, but on the whole, they’re convincing enough, owing a lot to the harmonies (as in I Don’t Want To Spoil To The Party), instrumental backing and faithful reproductions of all elements in each song (Yellow Submarine has sound effects done by vocals and the audience joining in ‘the part where you make lots of noise’). The live album clearly shows the audience were having a great time watching this band as the next best thing to the original Beatles, or maybe even to an expensive McCartney concert for that matter. (B.U. 173)

1964…The Tribute - Nine Hours In November
(USA) Roy Davies Music 03-1964 (2001)
14 tracks / 34:28 / 4-page booklet

One year later, a studio album was released, with songs not included on the live set and again taken from the first half of the Beatles career. Since many of the songs here were B-sides on Beatles records, non-Beatles compositions or album tracks (such as I’m Down, Slow Down, Don’t Bother Me) and so not the most common songs covered, they’re the more interesting for collectors of this genre. The band decided to record the songs the way the Beatles did with their first album, so after ‘nine hours in November’ the songs were all put on tape. There’s an obvious improvement in vocal performance and often come pretty close to the originals. The songs are note for note exact copies and although there’s no screaming of fans, the album still breathes spontaneity and a live atmosphere. And there’s more to come, while the subtitle of this album reads ‘The Love In Action Sessions Volume One’. (B.U. 173)

Gary Grimes - Starhand Vision
(USA) Roy Davies Music #G1964-1 (2002)
15 tracks / 56:35 / 4-page booklet

Meanwhile, the 1982 solo album recorded by the ‘Paul McCartney’ of the band, Gary Grimes, was released on CD, with six songs added to the original concept. The music offered here doesn’t include Beatles-related material, but varies from spacious intros and sound effects on keyboard to power-rock, synthi-pop and an occasional ballad, with vocals reminding you of singers like John Waite and Paul Carrack. (B.U. 173)


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